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June 28, 2007

Are You Crazy? I'd Never Ship THAT!

What? You wouldn’t box sheets up and ship them to your resort? Or a really nice corkscrew? Or a mini food processor? Or art supplies for the kids? Or a game console?

How about champagne glasses? Or plates and silverware if you’re staying in a studio? Or full sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Or a couple of bottles of wine?

A lot of people DO ship things to their resort. But not stuff like this! These are things you might have at home but NOT while you’re on vacation. (We’d like to change your thinking on that one but that’s another topic for another time!)

That’s why we're just not sure it makes sense to say that Owner’s Locker is just like shipping. Sure, we’re competitive on cost and we’re WAY more convenient, but that’s not the point.

What’s important is that with Owner’s Locker you have a way to store things that you’d NEVER ship. I mean, how many people would ship a water filter jug back and forth? Or photos of the kids from previous vacations? (we have tons of fridge magnets with old photos in our Locker) Or a few bottles of liquor? Or a crockpot?

Why is this? Is there something wrong with wanting to have things in your resort that make you feel more at home? To be honest, we’re not sure why some people are reluctant to have the comforts of home with them on vacation. Maybe it’s the cost of shipping things that are bulky and heavy. Maybe it’s the worry of packages being lost, delayed or damaged or glass breaking during shipping. Maybe folks don’t feel like they’re supposed to have personal items around them when they’re on vacation.

Whatever the reason, feel free to ship anything you want back and forth to your resort. But when you consider whether Owner’s Locker might make sense for you, think outside of that shipping box and start dreaming about things that you’d like to have with you at your resort, if only there were a way………

June 10, 2007

Why Don't I Just Ship the Stuff???

We sometimes hear that shipping things back and forth to your resort is a good way to have your personal items on hand during your stay at your resort.

Well, we don’t think that’s such a good idea but we thought we ought to at least just see whether it might make sense or not---you know, competitive analysis, market research, that sort of thing.

Blog Table 01.gif

We took one of our Lockers to the local UPS store to find out how much it would cost to ship it. We took the fully loaded Locker shown in another article on this blog (“What can You Store in an Owner’s Locker?”) Well, actually, it’s not FULLY loaded because we wanted you to be able to see all of the items in the photo. And it would not win the heaviest Locker contest if we ever sponsor one.

The cost to ship it to Riverton, Connecticut was $44.51 by UPS Ground and $111.37 for Next Day. (We chose Riverton because we don’t have any Beta Trial Members who live in Peoria but we do have a great Member who lives in Riverton).

Now, that was one way. So the cost would be $89.02 if you were very organized; or $222.74 if you were a last minute type of person; or perhaps $155.88 if you were in a hurry to get it to the resort and in not so much of a hurry to get it back. This came with $100 insurance, which is what Owner’s Locker provides.

Then there’s the other shoe that needs to drop. A big difference between shipping and Owner’s Locker is convenience. For one thing, if we keep your Locker, you don’t have to remember whether your stuff was in the garage or the attic or the basement or over at aunt Martha’s. Our warehouse management system does that for you because it knows where your Locker is 24/7. And it’s nice and comfy in our climate controlled warehouse. Not freezing or cooking in the garage or attic or buried under a pile of dirty clothes.

And if you ship there’s at least one trip to the shipping store. You might be able to talk the resort front desk into handling the shipping when you return but, for the trip to the resort, it’s you taking the box to be shipped. With Owner’s Locker the driving, carrying and waiting in line is replaced by a few clicks on our website.

You know, there’s no right or wrong here. Some people might look at the table and say, “see, I told you so.” But we’ll bet there’s a lot of you out there that might want to trade the schlepping for some clicking.


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