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April 26, 2007

Owner's Locker TV-Take One

It really makes me smile to realize that we might play a small part in making people’s vacations better. One of my daughters put it really well when she said I was very lucky because all of our customers were happy since they were on vacation.

I was smiling a lot last night as we did the first video testimonial for what we plan to call Owner’s Locker TV. It was a perfect evening and I was sitting on a bench in Celebration with Kathy and Ron Sebelski. I had asked them if they would mind letting us interview them about the biz.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly that say they jumped at the chance, but as a favor to me, they agreed to do it. And it was great. Here’s a screen shot of us during the process. I'm the one who needs a haircut. Ron just had his cut at the barber Shop on Main Street--a tradition of his.


I really enjoyed hearing them share their views. You see, they drive down to Orlando from Indiana several times a year (not nearly enough, according to Kathy). And they drive a big truck and they don’t have any kids so they can haul pretty much anything they want back and forth. I was interested in their views about why Owner’s Locker made sense for them.
I have no idea what will make it into the final video but I have three favorite parts of the interview:

1. Kathy’s eyes really lit up as she described a pair blue plastic champagne glasses from their wedding that they use only while here. They just had their 14th anniversary and they have been hauling them back and forth.

2. Ron pointed out that even though they have plenty of room in the truck, they were often in a hurry to get packed to come to Florida. It was easy to remember the big things but they invariable got here and would say, “why didn’t we bring…..” and these are the things they’re storing with us.

3. They usually stay in a studio and had been carrying some plastic plates back and forth. Now they have some really nice plates and some cooking utensils that they leave here.

I’ll tell you what WILL probably land on the cutting room floor. I did this really neat introduction of Ron and Kathy. Well, I thought it was neat. The video guy thought I was nuts and Brian just rolled his eyes when I suggested that I introduce them. Ron and Kathy politely didn’t say anything. My daughters laughed when I told them on the way to school one morning that I was going to do it and one even suggested that I please put makeup on. Well, the important thing is what Ron and Kathy had to say and I guess that’s what you’ll see.

One last thing. After all of that hard work, I took R&K to my favorite dirty Mexican restaurant. The name sort of says it all: P.R.’s Taco Palace. It’s right next to a railroad track—so close that your margarita glasses rattle when a train goes by. There is a rather eclectic crowd there but the food is great and the margaritas (a major weakness) are killer. Ron hoped that he could remember how to get back to P.R.’s in Winter Park. I sort of got the impression that Kathy hoped he couldn’t.


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