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Owner's Locker is the exciting new service that makes your travel to and from Orlando easier and more convenient, but don't just take it from us, check out what some of our members have to say:
Owner's Locker Offers Convenience to Frequent Orlando Visitors

In this day and age of fees for checked baggage, Owner's Locker is an idea whose time has come. If you own a timeshare or vacation club membership in Orlando you can definitely use one of their lockers to store all the "stuff" you don't need to drag back and forth from home. In fact, frequent visitors to Orlando, including business travelers and vacationing families are finding the service indispensable. You simply pack it and the purple Owner's Locker van will pick it up and store it until your next visit!

July 9, 2013


about.com Florida Travel by Dawn Henthorn About.com guide
Owner's Locker

The purple place that stores your vacation stuff!

Purple. It was my mother's favorite color and the color of my children's favorite dinosaur, but today it is the color of an ingenious idea that simplifies travel for frequent visitors to Orlando. The idea is called Owner's Locker and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Owner's Locker provides frequent Orlando visitors the convenience of a purple "locker" to store a variety of "stuff" that you use while in Orlando. Owner's Locker not only stores the locker in between visits, but the service includes pick up and delivery. Schedule your visit and your locker full of your "stuff" arrives at your timeshare, hotel or resort the same day you do. The service also includes an online "dashboard" with 24/7 access where you can create an online inventory, schedule your next visit, track your locker and manage your account information.

What can you store? Anything you can fit in your locker. The list is really endless and is up to you. It can include bathing suits, beach towels, suntan lotion, children's toys, shampoo, deodorant, bug spray, autograph books, games or even an air bed.

In this day and age of fees for checked baggage, this is an idea that will save you time and money. If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, then you can use this service:

Do you visit Orlando frequently for vacation or business? Are you in Orlando every year... or even every other year?
Do you own a timeshare in Orlando or are you vacation club member?
Do you pack a lot of stuff in your luggage that you only use on your trips?
Have you ever shipped stuff to Orlando to avoid airline baggage fees?
Do you have to spend time shopping to buy necessities after you've arrived at your vacation destination?
Have you ever left that same stuff behind after a vacation because it wouldn't fit in your luggage or because it weighed too much?
Owner's Locker is located in Celebration, Florida and has been providing convenient and reliable service in Orlando for over six years. They have delivered over 20,000 lockers during that time. Owner's Lockers are even fun to use. They encourage "owners" to name their lockers and posts the unusual names on their Owner's Locker Facebook page.

In Orlando on business or vacation? Got stuff you'd rather leave behind? Get an Owner's Locker and store it until your next visit!

Owner's Locker Details

How big are the lockers? The tote-type locker is 20" wide x 22" long x 13" tall. Not spacious by some standards, but big enough. It comes with a divider that fits in the bottom to keep liquid items from falling over and leaking. In addition it includes a small organizing tray to hold smaller items like Q-tips, hair ties and medications. When you are not in town, the locker is stored in a climate-controlled storage facility. Just use the online dashboard to let Owner's Locker when you'll be arriving and it will be there when you are... delivered in a purple van, of course.

How much does it cost? There is an initial $75.00 fee to join Owner's Locker. That fee includes the locker, inside divider and organizing tray and the first delivery and pickup. The Standard Annual Plan is $99.00 per year and includes one free pickup/delivery per year and is charged when your locker is stored for the first time. Additional pickup/deliveries are $25.00 each. The Premium Annual Plan is $179.00 per year and includes unlimited storage and pickup/delivery per year.

Additional lockers are available for an initial fee of $65.00. The Standard Annual Plan is also $99.00, but additional deliveries are just $12.50 when delivered with your first locker. Add-on lockers cost $139.00 per year for the Premium Annual Plan.

Owner's Locker has expanded to include golf equipment. For a one-time initial membership fee of $25 they will pick up your golf clubs, mark them with a special bar code and store them in their climate-controlled warehouse under either the Standard Annual Plan for $99.00 per year or the Premium Annual Plan for $179.00 per year.

dawn Henthorn
About.com guide
July 9, 2013


Dawn Henthorn About.com guide
Here's what the latest edition of the Official Guide to Walt Disney World has to say about Owner's Locker (page 65):


If you count yourself among the merry multitudes who travel to Walt Disney World at least once a year. a system called "Owner's Locker" was devised with you in mind. Simply put, it lets you stash your vacation gear in a private purple locker in the WDW area and have it delivered to you each time you visit the Mouse. That means you'll have less to check at the airport (the locker's great for storing liquids and "must-check" items) and lighten your load overall. Say goodbye to lugging items such as rain gear, sunscreen, baby supplies, cooking items, non-perishable snacks, toys, DVD's, rainy-day activities, first aid supplies, and more.

It's called OWNER'S Locker because customers actually buy an industrial strength, secure storage bin when they join the program (extra Lockers are an option). After a one-time $75 Membership Fee, expect to pay about $99 a year for the Standard Annual Plan (including one visit a year; $25 for each additional visit), or about $179 a year for the Premium Plan, which allows for unlimited visits at no additional charge.

How does it work? As soon as you plan a WDW trip, schedule a round-trip delivery via www.ownerslocker.com. Your Locker will make its way from a climate-controlled storage facility to your resort before check-in time. Call the bell Services desk and expect the purple chest to arrive in minutes (don't forget to tip accordingly). Owner's Locker service is available at all Disney resorts and many other area hotels (though the business is not owned or operated by the Walt Disney Company).

For more details or to join, call 800-431-6588 or visit www.ownerslocker.com

Birnbaum Official Guide to Walt Disney World 2013 Edition
Hey John.....Just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I am loving my OL...love that purple box. The one time I didn't have it delivered, I really missed it. I kept going to my 'Locker area', in my room..only to find it wasn't there. Won't make that mistake again!!!! Figured it was a really short trip, so no need to have it. Wrong. It's so wonderful having my full sized toiletries, those extra clothes, that wonderful silverware and Mickey themed dinnerware!! I doubt I'll make another trip to WDW without getting my Owner's Locker delivered!!! It is so wonderful to have it there, all ready to go, when I arrive. I get to have all those little extras that I hate packing every single time I go to WDW. They are already there, just waiting for me. Sooooooo nice.
The other nice thing about OL??? The incredible customer service. You are always available...you listen to ideas and suggestions. You are always interested in knowing how my Locker is doing as far as the condition of the contents go. The one time I had an issue with some breakage, you were right there, looking to compensate me. Ah no....it was my fault for not packing that conditioner correctly. But, you offered. You go the extra mile for your customer..and that's what counts.
I love getting to see you at your meet and greets in Epcot. That's one of the things I always try to find time for. Exceptional service deserves kudos...and I do like to give them in person.
So...since I'm here, and you're there....kudos on a job well done. The best product and exceptional customer service to go along with it!!!! Love you guys!!!

Dianne B. - Westborough, MA
I love your service! It makes spur of the moment trips so much easier. I pack clothes and Orlando here I come! Not to mention you are so easy to work with. My Locker is waiting for me at my resort as we speak. Yeah!

Meggan K. - St. Paul, MN
Here are the criteria we used to take our decision:

1. The baggage restrictions on airlines makes your service very convenient.

2. There are things we just use in Orlando.

3. Disney Vacation Club recommends you.

Thank you.

Gustavo L. - Mexico City, Mexico
We had actually heard about you from other Disney Vacation Club members with a locker this spring, the DVC coupon helped sort of push us towards researching it a bit more to ensure it would be something we would use. We knew we wanted the locker the minute we heard about it, we just waited until a bit closer to our Sept DVC member cruise to sign up, not because we were hesitant to join but well to be honest I just didn't want to set it up so far out etc as I didn't want to be rude (I'm just a worrier). We absolutely ADORE the convenience of the locker, the online set up for drop off and pick up, the great communication and customer service we have had with the locker staff and the quality of the locker. The business cards on the side are a great idea as we gave out 3 on the member cruise. In talking to my husband he says "it's a great deal, a wonderful business model and he loves the convenience". As we don't have kids the ability to store ponchos, spare pins and lanyards, laundry supplies, as well as all the shower stuff that keeps us from being able to travel as carry on is wonderful. Before our first use we mailed down a large box of stuff and set up the locker day one. We were even able to store a few things we DIDNT want to carry on the boat in the locker between pick up and drop offs. We also love seeing the facebook locker updates. :)

Autumn B. - Hampton, VA
Here's what Mary Waring, owner of www.mousesavers.com has to say about Owner's Locker:


Back in early 2007, I started hearing from some of my readers about something called Owner’s Locker, a service for repeat visitors to Disney World that allows you to keep your vacation gear in Orlando between visits. Several people told me how much they loved this service and suggested I should mention it here on MouseSavers.com. Around the same time, I started reading about Owner’s Locker on various Disney discussion boards. Quite a few of the board participants had tested the service and they were all raving about how great it was.

Well, I’m a skeptic. My first question was, “what exactly is the service they provide?” I looked into it and discovered that Owner’s Locker delivers a specially designed air- and water-tight container to store personal items that you regularly use at Walt Disney World, such as toiletries, an air mattress, a coffee maker — just about anything nonperishable. The company picks the container up from your resort when you check out and stores it until you return. Then Owner’s Locker has your container waiting for you at your resort’s bell stand when you come back.

Now, we visit Disney World several times a year. Even so, I kept thinking “why would I need this?” My initial reaction was that Owner’s Locker seemed a little bit expensive. There is a one-time $75 fee, which covers the locker and the initial delivery and pickup. Then you pay an annual fee of $99, which includes storage in a climate-controlled warehouse plus one delivery and pickup per year. (Or $179 per year for unlimited deliveries and pickups.) But it wasn’t the cost that was really holding me back. I just had a hard time understanding the need for this service.

So I talked with some people who were using the lockers and asked what they were storing. They gave me a few ideas*, and when I thought it over a bit, I realized I’ve been carrying a lot of things back and forth to Orlando that I only use there, such as a big bottle of spray-on sunscreen, a Mickey Mouse vinyl rain poncho, a sun hat, an extra swimsuit and a Minnie Mouse daypack. It occurred to me that by storing all that stuff in Orlando, I could probably take a much smaller suitcase on future trips — maybe even just a carry-on!

I also realized there are certain things I’ve never bothered to take to Orlando, even though they would be nice to have, because I knew I’d have to lug them back home afterward. But maybe if I had an Owner’s Locker, next time I stayed in a unit that has a kitchen (like a Disney Vacation Club villa, or a villa at Caribe Royale), I could bring some kitchen items that are not provided, such as salt and pepper shakers and spices. And maybe a blender. (Margaritas, anyone?)

The more I pondered it, the more I realized how handy the locker might be. I could bring a crockpot, set that puppy up in the morning before heading out to the parks, and come back to find dinner made — how great would that be? Then I could keep it in my locker and it would be there whenever I wanted it.

And then I thought about water. Yes, water. In a typical trip to Disney World, I would go through about half a case of bottled water. The water in Orlando tastes bad, and Disney charges a ridiculous amount for bottled water. So every time I visited, I would have to make a special trip to a grocery store and buy a case of bottled water. Then I left half of it behind, because there was no way it was going to fit in my suitcase. This bugged me because it was so wasteful, not to mention bad for the environment. But if I had an Owner’s Locker, I could just buy a Brita water filter pitcher, keep it in my locker, and make my own filtered water every time I visited!

Well, that was the thing that made me decide to try it out, and I have to admit, now that I’ve experienced the Owner’s Locker service, I never want to go without it again! It is totally worth the money.

First, I was very pleasantly surprised about the locker when I saw it in person. It’s bigger than I expected — you can cram a lot of stuff in there! It’s very heavy-duty and has removable dividers inside, which you can configure any way you want. It also has a removable “tackle box” type container that you can use for small items. You get to close it up with special seals before it goes back to the warehouse, so no one knows what’s in it but you. (There is a private area on the Owner’s Locker website where you can keep an inventory, so you can remember what you’ve stored.)

Second, I was impressed with how well the system works. I stay at different hotels and villas all the time, in part because I’m always inspecting the MouseSavers Preferred Hotels. Turns out that’s not an issue at all. Owner’s Locker can pick up and deliver lockers at any major hotel, vacation condo or timeshare resort in the Orlando area. Anytime before a trip, I just log into my account on the Owner’s Locker website and let them know when and where I’m arriving and departing.

The day I fly out to Orlando, I get an email letting me know the locker has been delivered to Bell Services at my hotel. When I arrive, I just call Bell Services and have them bring it to the room (I could also go out to the lobby and collect it, but I’m too lazy). When I’m ready to depart, I call Bell Services and have them collect the locker. They take it to a storage area where it will be picked up by Owner’s Locker. Later that day I get an email letting me know the locker is safe and sound in the Owner’s Locker warehouse.

The whole experience is easy, seamless and worry-free. Not many things in life are like that!

Having an Owner’s Locker saves me money. I don’t have to worry about overweight luggage fees on the way home anymore. (In the past I’ve I had to repack stuff into two bags at the airport or pay a $50 penalty.) Now that most airlines are charging $25 or more each way to check the first bag and $35 or more each way to check a second one, it saves me even more. I can cook more often, because it is so much more convenient. I no longer buy bottled water, because I can just fill up my Brita water pitcher. Best of all, I no longer throw away half-used items like shampoo and liquor, rather than risking breakage or leaks in my checked luggage.

Owner’s Locker makes my visits to Orlando tremendously more convenient, pleasant and “home-like.” It’s hard to put a price on that — it enhances my stays so much.

(By the way, if you’ll need a stroller while you’re in Orlando, check out Magic Strollers, a new venture by Owner’s Locker.)

Mary Waring www.mousesavers.com
"One of the definitions of vacation is freedom or release from duty, business, or activity. That is what the Owners Locker lets you do. I have the ability to leave all my toiletries in my locker which saves space for clothes and souvenirs in our luggage. I also leave toys for my son and seasonal items such as bathing suits and sweaters. I don't really need to think before I leave for Disney because the important things are already in my locker.

The locker is always at Bell Services when we arrive and they pick it up for you as well. The locker is literally a time saver.

One thing my wife and I really love is that we can leave diapers in there and not have to worry about them come our next trip. We just keep a count of what’s there and we know. It’s all about saving space in your luggage. Plus you can save money from not having to check additional bags at the airport. It’s a win,win situation. You can literally have your cake and eat it too."

Sean D. - Hardyston, NJ
We decided to purchase Owner's Locker after our first trip as Disney Vacation Club members this spring. I knew about the service previously through DISboards. I didn't think much more about it until we purchased DVC and realized our trips "home" would be more frequent. After this first trip in the spring we discovered our need for this service. We have two young children and of course that means carrying a lot of stuff while on vacation. Coming home this year, we sent a large box back by UPS just to lighten our load on the flight home. We did this in order to combine a couple of suitcases and make it easier to transport along with the kids.

I kept thinking how nice it would be to have items already there waiting. All we would need to pack would be clothing and the kids toys they can't leave home without. At this time, we make one trip to FL each year, either to cruise with Disney or to visit WDW. I thought to myself "if they ever discount the membership, I'm jumping into it."
Sure enough, a bit later, you offered a discount code. If there are ever words a bargain hunter wants to here, that is it "Deal! Sale!
Discount!" Ha,ha,ha. Even better, it's for a service I had already been considering.

Though we haven't used it yet, I know this will work well for our family. It will be great to know we will travel lighter and save in baggage fees. I have already purchased a few things we will bring to store in our locker. It's nice to know it can stay there and be used for the next vacation.

Amanda N. - Henry, VA
"I can't say enough about how much my Owners Locker has become part of the overall experience when I come to my HAPPY PLACE.

As soon as I read about your service, I knew I needed a Locker, and boy was I right. From the first contact with Owners Locker, I have had nothing but a positive experience.

First, the size and construction of the actual Locker is ideal. Clearly much thought was put into the size of the locker, the dividers inside that hold everything in its place and even the organizer inside to hold all those "little extras".

As soon I began to make my list to first stock my Locker, I knew immediately what a great resource this would be for my family. The amount of items the Locker stores is fantastic and the way it simplifies packing (and more importantly to me UN-packing at the end of the trip) makes the fees well worth the while. The little comforts of home, like full size shampoo bottles, and my own mini Keurig coffee maker just subtly add to the comfort I feel at my favorite vacation spot.

What really makes the experience for me though, is the service. From the ease of scheduling your drop-off and pickup to the glorious text message your receive when your Locker is delivered to your hotel, to the much sadder text you receive when your Locker is safely back in the warehouse, I fee like Owners Locker is there with me every step of the way, making my vacation just better!

Then, there are the little extras that John and his team provide that just remind me what a good decision it is to be an Owners Locker customer. I love that John comes out to meet his customers on a Tuesday night in Epcot, I loved hearing his story when I finally got to meet him! I adore the Facebook posts each morning with the delivery locations the purple truck is heading to and a report on the unique Locker names of the day!

Thanks John and the Owners Locker team! You've got a customer in me for the long term!"

Kristie M.-Ashburn Virginia
I bought to begin with at Disney Vacation Club in October of 2010 but didn't take my first trip until Sept 2011. I kept looking at your site and looking for a reason to buy but did not purchase until the special from DVC. I think I purchased in June.

I knew it would be helpful for how we vacationed to be able to leave things there and go, but had no idea how great it would be to have so many things there that made it seem like home.

I had heard of you before buying Disney Vacation Club. I made the decision and then my partner fell in love. It was a no brainer for me with the coupon. I absolutely loved it.

I'm in love with the service; it definitely seems in line with the Disney magic.

Adam P. - Anniston, AL
I have been using this service for about two years now. Every time I open my Locker when I get to Florida I always say you are a genius for thinking of this. We are heading down again Feb. Staying part of the time at a Marriott hotel. I was so excited to see you deliver to so many outside hotels and resorts and I would see Davey Jones Locker again. I am even going to finally have a chance to meet you in France on a Tues night. Thanks for this great service!

Laura T. - Manchester, CT
I had read a great deal on the Dibb about the "purple box" and always thought it was a really great idea for people who knew they would be going to Orlando frequently. I hoped one day I would own a villa, but couldnt see this happening any time soon, then I discovered there was such a thing as Disney Vacation Club! I read up as much as possible about this and worked on my husband a little prior to our holiday in December2010. Whilst there he approached a DVC booth in the Magic Kingdom and off we went, the following day we signed on the dotted line! Once we had booked our first trip I joined you guys. I had already made up my mind I would even before, I love the idea! We have 2 trips planned 2012 one feb and then one late Oct, we are bringing my husbands Sister, Brother and their familes over for their 1st visit ever! I will do my best to convert at least oneto my love of Florida,!

So I guess that I would be still a commitment buy, but it was love at 1st sight, my husband said this was up to me, as I was the organiser, no arm twisting needed.

Gill J. - Porthmadog, Wales
"I am also a beta test member. I "usually" go to Orlando once a year and it is a solo trip. But I am always dragging my stuff to UPS for shipping there and back so I don't have too much luggage to lug around. When I think of the UPS costs plus the gas there and back plus the cost of shipping back I am easily up to $50. If I choose not to ship back, I usually dump the stuff and that is a waste of money, too.

Once I tried out Owner’s Locker, it was like a bit of heaven! What a relief to leave my stuff there and to know I can get it back on my next trip. This year is a busy Orlando one, we will be there in August, January, April and again in August. I will be so happy to leave my ponchos, neck coolers, insulated water bottles with holders, etc. I am even going to pick up a twin air mattress in Orlando and pack that in my box! I love that I can have my hand soap that I like, my shampoo and conditioner and anything else that my heart desires. You wouldn't believe how much stuff can fit in the locker!

Best of all is the personal service!

I honestly think $99 per year for one visit is worth the convenience and comfort of having all your stuff with you."

Joy J. - Brooklyn, New York
Thank you for offereing this service. I had read about "Owners Locker" on the DIS boards a year ago. When I realized my sister and I had five trips booked in from July 2011 to our cruise next March I thought it may be time to look into the actual costs of an Owner's Locker. After a few weeks I was able to convince my sister that this was a good idea-being able to store full size toiletries in the locker and do more carry-on luggage-with bag fees and the hassle of checked bags when flying from Philadelphia.

She was skeptical at first but after we loaded our new locker up during our fourth of July trip she started to turn around. When we flew down in September with only carry-on lugagge she was hooked.

Now we are trying to figure out how to get some things out of it for our Maiden Fantasy Cruise. So far it has been a great addition to our Disney Vacation Club stays.

It was also nice to say hello to you during the DVC member meeting the last week of October. You were very gracious.

Rose G. - Philadelphia, PA
My husband and I joined Disney Vacation Club in 2005, after realizing that we would want to visit WDW at least 1x/yr. Of course, 1x/yr turned into 2x/yr and since we have had our 2 kids, we can envision even more often (with or without them). I heard about Owners Locker when you first started advertising the service. I checked back often to see if I could justify the Membership Fee and the annual storage fee. I had gone back and forth for a couple years...nearly joining when allears had a discount. I vacillate in all of my decisions, so it is no wonder it took me so long to join. I finally made the decision when Disney Vacation Club began offering the discount on the one-time Membership Fee. I have to say that I was waiting for another discount to come out to join...I am glad I did. Our first time using the Owners Locker was on our trip in August. We packed it to the gills! We moved resorts and it was super easy to reschedule our pick up...love it! I love not having to think about packing most of our toiletries and throwing away bottled water that we paid for. Packing for our January trip will be so much easier!

It is such a great idea...I only wish I had the entrepreneurial spirit to have thought of it and developed it :).

I understand that Magic Strollers is also a service of which you offer. It would be nice if they could be linked through the Owners Locker account. I recently (for the first time) booked a stroller through Magic Strollers...I did note that I will also be having an Owner's Locker delivered and picked up with the same timing, so that possibly they could show up together.

Heather M. - Salem, NH
Let me tell you why I signed up for Owner's Locker: I used to travel quite a bit for work, six or seven times a year, sometimes more and I never checked luggage. After 9/11 it just became such a hassle with the plastic bags and small bottles that I just starting shipping a small box via DHL or UPS to my destination, effectively sending my shampoo, hairspray and makeup, etc to the hotel were I was staying.It just made the experience of traveling easier. When I saw I could store "my stuff" in Florida and have it delivered on check-in day, I jumped at the chance because I already knew how great it was to have "that stuff" there when you arrive. So I guess mine was more like an impulse buy...and there was no one I had to convince because I own the vacation club and make all the decisions about it. Next time we visit all we have to pack is our clothes and medications. All our liquid bathroom and laundry supplies, aqua shoes, swim suits and some kitchen supplies are already there and it probably sounds corny, but it is such a relief to not have to worry about lugging all that stuff.I never heard of Owner's Locker before last July and I signed up the minute I realized what the service provided.

Lisa M. - Mohrsville, PA
I just returned from Disney World and had to tell you how awesome your Magic Stroller was! It was delivered to our room with our purple Owner's Locker. We were shocked to see how nicely it was packed in it's own canvas bag. We also were pleased to see that it had a rain cover we requested...luckily we didn't need to use it. It was so easy to carry on and off the bus and it was the perfect size to fit in every doorway in Disney.The kids said that it was very comfortable. We had four kids with us, ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 and they all fought over who was going to ride in the stroller.

We also had some people stop us and ask us about it. They liked how it folded up on the bus and wanted to know where we got it. We told them all about Magic Strollers and they couldn't believe an Orlando stroller rental place even existed and would deliver it right to your hotel, especially because after they were done in the parks, they had to return their rented Disney stroller before they left and they had no stroller for the rest of the evening.

I would definitely rent from Magic Strollers again! Thank you for making our trip that much easier!

Heather C. - Shelton, CT
"Well, you have permanent customers here! Everything for our first try went perfectly. When we checked in, the front desk reminded me that we had a locker waiting, and bell services took me back to get it.

We filled it! On check out, bell services did ask if it was going with us, and I told him that it would be picked up.

As soon as we arrived home, we had an email saying the pick up was taken care of!

We are really happy with the service! Our 2 stays in a year has now become 4, so we are doubly happy to have our locker.

In September, we will be cruising mid stay, and we already plan to retrieve some things out of our locker, and leave some things in it while we cruise."

Stephanie M. - East Aurora, New York
I had heard about Owner's Locker on the DISboards and was curious to what people actually kept in their "boxes" and if they found it useful. I have to stay I was surprised to see that people LOVED the service and had soo many positive and great things to say.

After thinking about it for a few months and figuring out what we would keep in one, I brought the idea up to my parents, my mom thought 'go for it and see what happens' but my dad needed a little more convincing, he didn't understand the 'point'. When you introduced the Disney Vacation Club discount and with more pleading my dad said "let's try it". Now how were we going to get all this "stuff" including a Mini Keurig :) to Disney?

Since we fly we decided to ship a big box of "supples" down ahead of our arrival day. When we arrived "home" we met our box and I immediately organized it to see how much would really fit into it. Needless to say I filled every bit of space! My dad was impressed!! (He was even happier when we didn't need a list on our next trip, since everything was in the Locker waiting for us). Our first experience with the Locker was a success!!

Once we arrived home from our July trip I found out that Continental Airlines Chase credit card was changing their policy to only allow 2 free checked bags per reservation, it used to be everyone on your reservation was allowed a free checked bag. There was no way I was going to be giving the airlines more money. To solve this we purchased another Locker!!

Thanks to our 2 Lockers this past September we traveled with only carry on duffle bags(it was a 4 day trip), this was wonderful!! We plan on only using carry on bags for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip and our Easter trip!!! We wouldn't be able to travel like this without our Lockers!!!

I love having the Lockers, I get excited when I receive the text that they arrived at our resort!! This is a fabulous service and I have nothing but great and positive things to say about it. I know understand why everyone on the DISboards raved about the Lockers. It has truly changed the way we pack and travel!! Thank you soo much for your hard work and making this service available!

Stephanie F. - Clifton, NJ
Thank you for offering this service. I am beyond thrilled owning a purple locker. :)

Let me tell you how this started for me.
In January of 2007, I ran my 1st race ever--the WDW 1/2. We had a lot of stuff to take down there--well, you know, all the regular stuff (10 day stay) plus race stuff because my husband does the Goofy.
After the race we moved from the Dolphin to OKW. We were sitting by their pool and I had laundry going as we were in a studio on our first DVC visit ever. As I sat there, I had a great idea that WDW should have some sort of place where I could leave my shampoo and other toiletries there so I would not have to lug them back and forth each trip. Seemed brilliant to me. My husband listened and thought I was nuts (of course, he does not take as much crap down as I do!)

Just a few months after that, if I remember correctly, I first heard of the Owner's Locker. I had a good idea after all! lol I am sure you all had it in the works for a long time, ironing out the details and such. Anyway, as stupendous as I thought your idea was, I wasn't so sure we really needed it or needed to put out the money for it. So we didn't. Every trip I would think, "If we had a purple locker, I would not have to fool with all this stuff."

Then, a friend became a Member of Owner's Locker and really seemed to like it. She bragged on the customer service offered along with the Locker. I just kept wishing. This year, 4 years later, my husband said,"What do you think about getting one of those lockers that you rent in FL?" I quickly looked it up and we read about it and decided it really was the best thing for us to do. So, Happy Anniversary to us, we now own a purple Owner's Locker!

I took a trip a few weeks ago with my mom and filled my whole suitcase up with stuff to put into the Locker. I am so excited not to pack all the essentials! I have to agree with my friend--great customer service! I love the flexibility of being able to get it at the Dolphin and then have it picked up at the Beach Club Villas. Thanks for offering that flexibility. While we had to be "convinced" in a way, the whole idea makes perfect sense. It is a really nice feeling when you buy something with NO second thoughts, never wondering if you should have and wondering "will the show up?"

All I can say is thank you for offering this and doing it RIGHT--from start to finish.

Brenda A. - Maryville, TN
Once I discovered your service I took about a week to figure out if it would be useful to us; that is could we put enough things in there to make it worth our while.

We don't have kids, there are only my wife and myself and that's not changing...I needed to make sure we could make enough use out of the service.

Reading suggestions on what to keep in it was very helpful.

Once I had my list it was a no-brainer.

Having our stuff waiting for us is one of the things we are looking forward to for our next trip.

Bob S. - Norristown, PA
Hello You Geniuses!
Wow - what a fabulous concept.
Man do I wish that we had come up with this concept oursevles. We traveled down to WDW last year with our 2 small sons, car seats, golf clubs, suitcases etc. I would have given anything not to have so much luggage to haul through the airport.

We just purchased our DVC this week and are looking forward to our first trip at DVC members. And with our shiny new purple Locker, our vacations are going to be sooo much easier.

I wish you the very best of luck and I think you are going to make a killing!!!!

Cara & Tom M. - Smithville, MO
I've been an Owner's Locker Member since the very beginning and am, in fact, a Beta Trial Member. I adore Owner's Locker and wish that all businesses were run with such attention to detail and personal customer service and satisifcation. I love that I can store whatever I need for my vacation and not have to throw out stuff after each vacation. I cannot imagine vacationing without my Locker and all the wonderful things I store inside. The Lockers are very roomy, although I have been known to sit on mine in order to get it to close! Whether I stay on Disney property or off site, I know that my Locker will arrive when I need it and will be safely returned when my vacation ends. I highly recommend an Owner's Locker to everyone who has a yearly (or several times a year) vacation in Orlando, even if you are not a Disney Vacation Club owner.

Joy J. - Brooklyn, NY
"Well, you guys done did it....you have me hook, line and sinker!!

The service was top notch. Bell services knew exactly what I was talking about when we arrived to pick my Locker up. Dropping it off was easy and painless today, too. Thanks for the heads up email that you picked it up today! Needless to say, my Florida stuff is enjoying an extended stay in balmy temps while my dirty laundry and I are back in Michigan suffering temps in the low 20s

The locker was great...it exceed our expectations on how much we can fit into it! Now that we know how big it is, we know what we can bring down next time!

Your information packet was well done and informative.

OH and don't be surprised if you hear from some friends of ours...after they saw our locker...now THEY have locker envy and want one too!

Thanks again for the stellar service and fantastic idea..."

Sue P. - Livonia, Michigan
"I agree that the lockers are great! We just returned from our first trip using the locker, and it will be especially great for future trips, not having to lug all that stuff with us. We never check luggage, only do carry-ons, so we purchased full size bottles of our favorite shampoo, sunscreen, laundry soap, etc., and left them in the locker for our next visit. We also left some clothes and a pair of shoes each. So we had plenty of room for souvenirs in our suitcase on the way home!

Our locker was waiting for us on our arrival, and we just dropped it off at Bell Services on the way out. Thanks so much for this great idea!"

Dean S. - East Grand Forks, Minnesota
"Guys, I just got back from my first trip since signing up for your service. It's AWESOME! The bin is huge. Even with all the stuff I left in it, mine looked sadly empty when I returned it to you for storage, but I'm sure my sister and her family will help fill it on their trip in May. This is a great idea and a great service. I hope it really takes off for you and succeeds beyond your wildest dreams. I'll certainly tell everyone I know about it. Here's some more specific feedback: It was waiting as promised at Saratoga Springs. Nice touch that the check-in clerk told me it was waiting at bell services. I remembered it anyway, but the reminder will be nice for some who might forget and then have to backtrack to get their Locker.

Instructions were clear and easy to use. Locker is very roomy. It's bigger than I expected. Mine was not even one-third full when I returned it to you. The size comment is not a criticism. I'm single, so I won't have as much stuff to put it. I think a family could be happy with the size. Who knows, as you refine and I think about other things I might want to leave in Orlando, I might even fill it up eventually! I love the divided compartments and the little tackle-box internal container for smaller items. I didn't need to do so, but I really like that if I needed to I could customize the divider system to some extent. My notification before I left and the post trip follow-up email were great. I fret about details on trips. You took one worry away from me. PS I had two friends with me (not WDW fanatics like me). Even they were impressed by how well-planned and executed this service is. We're all retired military and understand and appreciate good logistical support when we see it."

Kathleen W. - San Antonio, Texas
"A Beta Trial member checking in and here is our story. I read about the service awhile back and signed up as this year we had 3 trips planned. We are DVC owners and plan on at least 2 trips per year. Sometimes it is my husband and I sometimes it is me and the girls and sometimes with our 2 teenaged boys. When I told my husband I signed up for the trial he of course said we don't need that, so of course I did not listen. We arrived at SSR on our April school vacation with our 2 kids and the rest of my family was arriving for another 2 bedroom unit on Sunday. I packed a 6TH suitcase for stuff I wanted to keep in the locker...Can you tell I pack light???

Well we have so much stuff in that locker and my husband now thinks it is the greatest so much so that we are really thinking of getting a second one. We never rent a car at WDW but my parents had one so in addition to what I brought down I also have 2 wine glasses in case we stay in a studio, 2 lovely bottles of Merlot and a bottle of baccardi. We have a sewing kit a first aid kit and so much stuff I can't believe it all fits...nothing like having everything you need at your fingertips....John and Brian thanks!!!!!"

Nancy D. - Groveland, Massachusetts
"We are Beta Trial Members too, and we have used it once so far ( leaving our things in the locker). We are going back in June, Oct, Dec/Jan. so far and when I think about packing for each trip, I get the feeling of RELIEF. All I have to pack for each trip will be clothes and shoes, sounds like a dream come true ! I have to confess I don’t like packing and it takes me days, now that all the odds and ends that we need will already be there for us and waiting upon arrival will be great. We have kids swim noodles to queen air mattress, sheets to laundry soap and all the usually stuff.

Right now the only complain I have is when can we upgrade to a bigger locker so we can do away with bringing suitcases!"

Susan K. - New Lenox, Illinois
"I am another very happy Beta Tester and I will absolutely continue the service when my trial is up. I usually fly down 3 or 4 times a year - sometimes it's just me, sometimes with my husband & kids, and sometimes with Sis or friends. I have tried shipping boxes which is a big fat pain in the *** and generally costs me a small fortune because I procrastinate and have to pay a premium price to get my stuff there on time. I usually don't rent a car, so I am at Disney's mercy if I need anything like medication, bandaids, or toiletries. I also have the WDW only stuff (ponchos, coffee filters, laundry tablets, umbrellas, etc) I always had to drag back & forth. I tend to overpack, but I detest dragging luggage around. I am down to a single rolling carry on now! These days I fire off an email to Brian & John, and when I get to my resort the front desk tells me I have package. My Home-in-a-Box is delivered to my room, and VOILA I am HOME. On go my fuzzy slippers, out comes the wine, corkscrew and Mickey wine glasses and I am in full vacation mode. There is no doubt that my Owner's Locker has enhanced my vacations. Oh, and I have never met John or Brian, but my experience thus far has been excellent and I feel totally confident in them."

Chris D. - Nashua, New Hampshire
"I think that your idea is great!! My husband and I frequent Orlando several times a year because we own the Disney Vacation Club timeshare. We just returned from a week stay in December and a week in February. We plan on returning in June 2007, September 2007 and possibly in December 2007. Right now, I keep an extra suitcase packed with things that I ONLY use for my Disney trips. This also involves me schlepping this thing down and back for only these trips. I really, really like this idea and what you’re doing. You have described me to a tee as I have also actually had to buy an extra piece of luggage just to get things home and I’ve also left things home because it was just too hard to take. And sadly, we’ve also thrown things away because we just did not have the room to add ONE MORE THING. That was disheartening. I am looking forward to possibly becoming a new customer of yours! I am just so excited about this! Thanks for taking the time to read/listen to all of this. I’m sure you’re very busy trying to get this up and running. I wish you all the best, good luck!"

April B. - Liberty, South Carolina
"We flew our last trip, but most are driving with a cargo trailer, so room/airline restrictions are usually not a problem. The best part to me is the not having to buy new ponchos, water bottles, ears, etc, because they got forgotten at home. I also packed some special mugs, plus the basics: coffee, tea, sugar, creamer, dish soap, room/fabric spray. We put in a large Brita water filter because none of us like the water and we hate paying for what comes out of the tap for free.

We just refill our cheapie water bottles with cold, fresh, filtered water and we're good to go! The locker really is a good size, and if you pack it right, you can get a LOT in there. Oh, and I never understood why people would bring their own sheets, but I gave it a whirl this last trip and WHAT A DIFFERENCE it made in our rest levels! No more stiff, itchy, flat sheets popping off underneath us in our Princess and the Pea-esque sleep! Without the Locker, I probably never would have bothered, but my sheets are now safely ensconced, waiting for our next trip. It really is a brilliant concept."

Dawn G. - Valley City, Ohio
"I'm a beta-tester and very impressed with the quality and customer service. The box may not sound all that big, but it holds a lot. I didn't even fill it 1/3 of the way. I could easily leave an air mattress and small pump, plus the sheets. Would it hold an Aerobed queen size? Probably not with all the other stuff like ponchos and toiletries, but it's surprisingly roomy. Nice part for me is knowing the poncho, water bottle strap, moleskin and the other easy-to-overlook-when-packing stuff is waiting for me. Best of all, I have enough laundry detergent/dryer sheets to not have to worry for quite a while. Even after the beta test is over, I'll pay for the convenience. If I can afford DVC, I can afford this!"

Kathy W. - San Antonio, Texas
"I am no longer skeptical. The owners locker was waiting for me when we checked into SSR. The cast member even said she had a note in her computer that our locker was waiting for us at Bell Services.

I was able to fit everything that I had packed in a 22" suitcase into the locker. We even added a few more items during our stay to keep in the locker and we still have more room. YEAH!

I had an email when I returned home saying my locker had been picked up and was safely stored away.

This is going to be so nice to have "home" items waiting for us each time we go on vacation. I can't wait to just pack clothes for our next DVC vacation!"

Roxann S. - Beaverton, Oregon
"It was so exciting to arrive at Boardwalk Villas in Walt Disney World and have a locker waiting for me at check in. As soon as I told the woman at registration my name she said "oh there is something here for you". They brought the locker up with my luggage.

I was able to fit a lot in the locker, and it's going to make my Disney travel experience better, I am sure. Now I won't have to fill up small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, etc, I have full sized bottles waiting in my locker. I love fresh flowers, and one of the heaviest things in my suitcase was a glass vase that I took back and forth to my Villa at Boardwalk. Now that vase is in my locker, my load is lighter and now there's no worry about the vase breaking in my bag.

This is a great service, I recommend that others take advantage of it."

Marilyn G. - Spring Valley, New York
"We packed a whole suitcase of stuff to leave in our locker when we went to Disney last month. I have a detailed list of everything we left so that come December and our next trip, we'll remember what we don't have to pack! We actually filled the locker with the stuff we brought and the stuff we bought at Walmart when we got to Florida.

We loved having the locker waiting for us when we got to VWL and then just dropping it off at Bell services on the morning when we left. I had an email by the time we got home telling us our locker was also back at home in the warehouse. EXCELLENT communication on the part of the service owners.

That empty suitcase we had for the trip home? Not so empty. We filled it with Disney merchandise, some of which will be Christmas presents. That's the real danger as far as cost- having an empty suitcase!!!"

Karen L. - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
"I am the atypical Owner's Locker owner. I am a single traveller who travels to Orlando anywhere from 2 to 10 times per year, on both leisure and business travel.

I am away from home up to 300 nights/year, and I have learned that vacation is not a time to skimp on comforts from home.

My locker is filled with items which make me feel like I am at home, from a duvet to sandwich maker to milk frother for my morning latte.

The cost is in line with what I currently pay to ship items all around North America while travelling.

And like the others, I can personally vouch for John - he is an entrepreneur who has discovered a new type of business, and will do everything to ensure that things work well."

Sabine E. - Vancouver, British Columbia
"Curses, John and Brian! I thought that I would find the locker a help during the trial period but, as you know, I really thought that my old system of storing everything I needed to bring to WDW in one place at home and packing it into an extra suitcase was just fine. I didn't think I would find the locker useful enough to warrant the cost in the long term.

We've just returned from a 6 day trip to the World and left a completely full, and now apparently indispensable locker behind. Who knew? I really didn't think I'd be so thoroughly convinced, especially this early, that I couldn't live without the darn thing.

It turned out to be so wonderful to pack it up with all the flotsam and jetsam of our trip, knowing that the disposable ponchos, laundry detergent, paper plates and a million other items that we gather for each trip would be waiting for us when we return next time. Basically, the Disney stuff went into the locker, and our clothes and souvenirs came home. It was particularly helpful to have a way to store things like a partially full bottle of mouthwash upright in the locker. This is something I probably would have discarded in the past, worried that it would leak in my suitcase.

Unlike previous trips, I threw out almost nothing.I still can't figure out why this system seems lightyears easier, but it does. I'm going to keep an open mind in the next couple of years, balancing convenience with cost (since I'm pretty cheap.) But overall, I was really surprised at how quickly we decided that we need our locker. Congratulations - I think you've got a winner here!"

Kim W. - Reston, Virginia

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