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Owner's Locker could be just the thing for you if at least two of the following apply:

You visit the Orlando area at least once every other year on vacation or business.

You are tired of packing so much "stuff" to visit Orlando.

You own a timeshare or vacation club in Orlando.

You've had to pay the airlines to check your bags.

You've ever had to buy an extra piece of luggage for "stuff" before leaving Orlando.

You've ever shipped "stuff" to Orlando for your visit.

You've ever thrown "stuff" away instead of cramming it in your luggage.

You've ever gone to Target and spent far too much money on the "stuff" you threw away on your last visit to Orlando.

You've ever looked at the "stuff" that needs to go back in your luggage and you just shook your head in disbelief.

You have a stash of "stuff" at home that you only use in Orlando.

You've wished you had certain "stuff" from home in Orlando but you just didn't want to bring one more thing.

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