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 Storing your Golf Clubs with us...
Now there is a way to keep a spare set of golf clubs at your favorite vacation place. If you are a frequent golfer in the Orlando attractions area, you won't have to haul a set of golf clubs back and forth, ship them or pay extra baggage fees to the airlines. Store Your Clubs by Owner's Locker will pick up your clubs from your resort as you depart at the end of your vacation, keep them in our climate controlled warehouse and have them waiting for you at your resort when you return.

Sign up for our golf club storage now and we will pick up your golf clubs, label them with our special bar code and bring them to our warehouse where they will be safely stored. Once enrolled, you simply go to our website, provide the details of your next visit and your clubs will be waiting for you when you arrive.

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We offer two plans. The $99 standard plan includes storage for a year and one free round trip Visit per year. The $179 premium plan includes unlimited round trip Visits.

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Value Plan

Storage in climate controlled warehouse.
(Round trip visits are $27.50 each for your first locker, $13.75 for each additional locker.)
Moderate Plan

Storage in climate controlled warehouse.
One FREE round trip visit per year.
(Additional round trip visits are $27.50 each for your first locker, $13.75 for each additional locker.)
Deluxe Plan

Storage in climate controlled warehouse.
Unlimited FREE round trip visits per year.
Monthly Billing

Pay your membership in easy monthly installments spread over the whole year
Annual Billing

Pay your membership annually and get our best deal
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One-Time Membership Fee**$0.00
- Initial set up of your account and special barcoded luggage tags for your Golf Clubs
- Initial Pickup from Your Resort
**Your One-Time Membership Fee will not be charged until 30 days prior to your initial visit.

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