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This is it. It's the heart of the business. It might sound crazy that a container is going to change the way you go on vacation, but it will. When you become a Member of Owner's Locker, your Membership Fee includes one of our purple Lockers you use to store your personal items.

"It's huge!", "It's much bigger than I expected", "You can get a LOT in there", "I put an entire suitcase full of stuff in there and had plenty of room left over." This is what our Members have to say about the size of the Locker. Oh, they do manage to get it filled to the brim but it takes some effort. Our Lockers are literally industrial strength and can handle anything you are able to put in them. You won't find anything this sturdy in a store and we guarantee our Lockers for life. There is no weight limit and they come with security seals. And they're PURPLE!

Each Locker comes with dividers to help you organize the contents of your Locker. They're great for keeping tall items like bottles from falling over. They can be easily reconfigured and customized for how you use your Locker. For example, you can create a special compartment for an item like a water filter. Or they can be removed altogether.

Here's where you keep the little items such as a sewing kit, Q-Tips, batteries, tweezers, hair ties and medications. All of the things that might fall to the bottom and get lost! Some of our Members with kids have managed to build up a small pharmacy in their trays. They have 10 compartments and a lid that clicks shut. When you first get your Locker, you'll see that we have created a special place for it by using the dividers. Like the dividers, however, you don't have to keep the organizer tray in your Locker. We've heard more than one story about how they make great jewelry boxes or tackle boxes back home!

An air bed, a water filer, a keyboard, a game console, special champagne glasses, sheets, a vase for flowers, a food processor, a cappuccino machine, even a cast iron skillet. These are some of the special items our Members tell us they keep in their Lockers. Our forums have lots of lists of things people have put in their Lockers. Click here to have a look. So how will you use your Locker? What would you like to have on hand at your resort? What are you tired of carrying back and forth? And would what you like to have here that you'd never even consider hauling back and forth?

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