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So, how does Owner's Locker work? Well, we’re tempted to say it’s magic or perhaps little elves.

Actually, Owner's Locker is a service that allows you to store your vacation gear in Orlando and have it delivered to your hotel or resort everytime you Visit. It's easy and convenient, and takes just 2 easy steps to set up.

In fact, once you've signed up, all you have to do is schedule your Visits and Owner's Locker takes care of the rest.

Simply click on the "Sign Up Now!" button at the top of the page or the link below to become an Owner’s Locker Member.

How much does it cost? There is a one time Membership Fee to join Owner's Locker of $75.00 (which includes your Locker and your initial delivery/pickup which we call a Visit) and a yearly storage/delivery plan which you choose. The Value Plan costs $105.00 per year and includes storage in our climate controlled warehouse. Each round trip Visit costs $30.00. The Moderate Plan costs $125.00 per year and includes storage and one free Visit per year. Additional Visits are $30.00 each. The Deluxe Plan costs $225.00 per year and includes storage in our climate controlled warehouse and unlimited Visits per year.

Not coming right away?  Not a problem. You can sign up now and you won't be charged the one time Membership Fee until 30 days before your first Visit.  Your yearly storage/delivery plan is not charged until your Locker comes back into the warehouse filled for the first time. This date then becomes your Anniversary Date for your yearly storage/delivery plan.

Need another Locker?We recommend getting just one to start. They are bigger than you might think! If you do decide that you need additional Lockers there is no Membership Fee. You simply choose a yearly storage/delivery plan. The Moderate Plan costs $125.00 per year and includes storage and one free round trip Visit per year. Extra Visits for additional Lockers are $15.00 each when delivered with your first Locker. The Deluxe Plan cost for an additional Locker is $180.00 per year and includes storage and unlimited Visits per year. Your additional Locker will have the same Anniversary Date as your first Locker. So, for example, if you purchase an additional Locker 6 months into your use year you will pay for only 6 months of storage for the additional Locker for the first year.

Once you’ve signed up, go into your account (we call it the online dashboard) and schedule your first Visit. There you'll tell us when you’re coming and where you'll be staying.

OK, this one's not really a step... We just love to say "go on vacation" any chance we get. Woohoo!!!

When you arrive at your hotel or resort, you’ll find your Locker waiting for you.

Now, here’s the good part. When you’re ready to leave, pack up all your stuff into your Locker. You can keep track of the contents of your Locker through your online dashboard. When you leave, Owner’s Locker will pick up your locker and store it until your next Visit. We’ll keep it for you in our secure, climate controlled warehouse so you know your stuff is safe.

The next time you come back, schedule another Visit and Owner’s Locker will bring back your Locker, this time, with all your stuff in it!

Click here to sign up!

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