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My Locker in the Warehouse
How are you sure it’s MY Locker you’re getting?
It’s all about barcodes. Your Locker has a unique barcode on it and each storage location in our warehouse is marked with a unique barcode. Our warehouse management system, working with the data entered into our website tells us exactly which Locker is yours and exactly where it’s located. You can watch the process of your Locker moving from its storage location to your resort and back again on your dashboard. We’re really proud of this process and even have a patent application pending on it!

Is there a dedicated spot for my Locker in the warehouse?
No; but that’s one of the neat things about our warehouse management system.
Every time your Locker is moved, its bar code as well as that of the location it goes to is scanned into our databases so we know where every Locker is at all times. And catch this. When your Locker comes back into our warehouse and is scanned to be put back into storage, our system measures the “velocity” of your Locker and suggests where is should be placed in the warehouse. So if you’re a regular, it tells us to keep your Locker close to the front!

If I have more than one Locker will they be stored together?
Probably not. Our warehouse management system tells us which available storage location we should put your Locker in when it comes back into the warehouse.

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