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Does Owner’s Locker Open Lockers?
Will Owner’s Locker ever open my Locker?
Only if we’re forced to. We have a very high degree of respect for our Member’s privacy and we would strongly prefer to NEVER open a Locker. That’s why we have NO access to your confidential online inventory. We will only open a Locker in an emergency where the contents of the Locker are affecting surrounding Lockers or the warehouse or if we are ordered to do so by law enforcement officials. Enough said.

Can I have items delivered to my Locker?
Not really. We don’t open Lockers and if you did have something shipped to us we could not place the items in your Locker. The best solution is to ship any items you’d like in your Locker directly to your resort.

Will you get something out of my Locker for me?
No. We just don’t open Lockers except in cases of emergency. We don’t think it’s any of our business what you keep in your Locker. And the moment we open a Locker there are issues of liability.

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