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Storing Items in Your Locker
Does my Locker have a weight limit?
No. Fill it up however you want. The Locker can handle it... and we can, too!

Is there anything we must not store in the Locker?
Yes. Anything that is illegal in the United States or the State of Florida. A healthy dose of common sense should guide you on what items might be prohibited.

Is there anything I shouldn’t store in the Locker?
Yes. The main offenders are food items in open containers and anything that will smell. Included with your Locker will be a set of do’s and don’ts. The best thing to do is keep in mind that your Locker is an enclosed space. Wet clothes will mold and smell. Open food containers will spoil as well. Any clean clothes will absorb these odors.

Can I store a blowtorch in my Locker?
No. We’d really rather that you not! Think of your Locker the way you would a closet that’s going to be locked for a period of time. A lighter or some matches are probably OK but a can of lighter fluid probably isn’t a good idea. Just use common sense is our best advice!

Can I store my Rolex in my Locker?
Yes; but you’d better list it on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Owner’s Locker will exercise due care with your Locker as long as it is under our control. Please note, that our liability is strictly limited to replacing the Locker and paying you a maximum of $100 for the Locker’s contents. We are NOT responsible at all once the Locker leaves our control. So if something happens to it at the resort, while it’s in your room or if you have it in your car and it’s broken into, these are YOUR responsibilities.

Can I store food in my Locker?
Only if it is a sealed container. It really isn’t a good idea to leave any food in your Locker but if you must, please make sure it is in an unopened, sealed container.

Can I pack wet clothes in my Locker?
You really shouldn’t and here’s why. The Locker’s are pretty much airtight so any moisture that you introduce in your Locker will probably stay there until you open it up on your next visit. When packing, keep this in mind. Make sure clothes are dry (and clean!) and dry off toiletry bottles and make sure their caps are on tight. There are loads of packing tips on the forums but common sense and good judgment are probably your best tools!

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