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Getting started
Since 2007, Owner's Locker has been providing a way for frequent visitors to Orlando to store their vacation stuff so they don't have to haul it back and forth. Our Members store their vacation gear in a purple storage container and we have it waiting for them at their resort when they check in and pick it back up when they check out and keep it in a climate-controlled warehouse until they return.

While we have long stored golf clubs for our existing Members, we now have a way to just store golf clubs for people who like to take advantage of Orlando's golf courses. So now, you don't have to have an Owner's Locker for us to store your golf clubs.

Until now, there has been no golf club storage service in the Orlando area. Visitors to Orlando have either had to bring their golf clubs with the...often paying extra fees to the airline, have their golf clubs shipped by carriers such as UPS or FEDEX, or pay to rent golf clubs at each course they play in Orlando. And the real beauty of STORE YOUR CLUBS by OWNER'S LOCKER is that we not only store your golf clubs, we deliver them to your resort so they are waiting for you when you arrive and we pick them up after you depart. Your golf clubs when you want them...where you want them.

Wiith STORE YOUR CLUBS by Owner's Locker, frequent visitors to Orlando who like to play golf can keep a set of golf clubs here so they don't have haul or ship them back and forth. Just click on the "golf" tab above or go to www.storeyourclubs.com

How do I get started?
First we have to get your golf clubs and store them in our climate-controlled warehouse.

To get started, you need to sign up for the STORE YOUR CLUBS by OWNER's LOCKER service and pay a one-time Membership Fee (unless waived) to cover the cost of picking up your golf clubs, labeling them with our bar code and bringing them back to out warehouse.

Just click on the "golf" tab above and it will take you you our sign up page. After you sign up for STORE YOUR CLUBS by OWNER'S LOCKER, you'll be directed to go to a special page where you tell us when and where to pick up your golf clubs. You'll find a drop down list with over 300 resorts and hotels in the Orlando attractions area including all of the resorts in Walt Disney World. It's as easy as that.

Do my golf clubs have to be in a bag?
Yes, all we ask is that your golf clubs be in some sort of travel bag or case. There are no standards or requirements. We're not going to be as rough on your golf clubs as the airlines; we'd just like to make sure your golf clubs stay in your golf bag!

Do I bring my golf clubs to you?
You don't have to bring your golf clubs to us...we will pick them up from you. We're all about convenience and you might as well get used to that!

When you sign up for STORE YOUR CLUBS by OWNER'S LOCKER, you'll be directed to a page where you will tell us at which resort you are staying and when you would like us to pick up your golf clubs. You'll leave your golf clubs with Bell Services and we'll stop by, pick them up, put a special bar-coded tag on them and take them back to our climate-controlled warehouse.

Can I ship my golf clubs to you?
It often makes sense to ship a set of golf clubs to Orlando to be stored with us. We have a fairly strong preference that you ship your set of golf clubs to the resort at which you'll be staying. There are times when there is no one at our warehouse to receive shipments and, to be honest, we hate to get caught in the middle if there has been damage during the shipping.

But if it is important to you that your golf clubs initially be shipped to us, please contact us and we will work something out.

Does it matter how heavy my golf clubs are?
It really doesn't matter how heavy your golf clubs are. If a caddie can carry them, we can too.

You'll find that at STORE YOUR CUBS by OWNER'S LOCKER, we're all about convenience and we think of our Members as long term customers. Unlike the airlines and shipping companies, we don't constantly look for ways to come up with extra charges.

Does the size of my golf bag matter?
No it doesn't matter how big your travel bag or case is...as long as there is only one set of clubs inside.

We know that some golf bags are larger than others. And, we're here to store your clubs...not to look for ways we can charge you extra fees.

Why do you need my cell phone number?
One of the hallmarks of the Owner's Locker service is our communication with our Members. Especially popular are the texts we send when a member's Locker has been delivered to their resort and when it has made it safely back to the warehouse.

We are bringing the same communication regime to STORE YOUR CLUBS by OWNER'S LOCKER. Also, there are times when we will need to be in touch with you while you are on vacation in Orlando...and it's great to be able to quickly reach you on a cell phone.

So make sure we have a good cell phone number for you...and keep it up to date on your Dashboard.

Why do you need my e-mail address?
STORE YOUR CLUBS by OWNER'S LOCKER is web based. Yes, we do answer the phone, but everything you do with respect to you clubs will be done on your Dashboard on the Owner's Locker site. That's where you tell us everything we need to know about what you want us to do with your clubs.

And our primary way of communicating with you is through e-mail. Our system of letting you know what you need to know before you think you need it is our hallmark and is a very popular feature with our Members. So it's VERY important that we have your correct e-mail address.

We are always surprised at how often people seem to change e-mail addresses. Please remember us when you change yours. Just go to you Dashboard and make the change.

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