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Locker Size and Features
What is the size my Locker?
Each Locker measures approximately 22” long X 20” wide X 13” deep. It has a capacity of approximately 2.60 cubic feet. We wanted to make sure that the Locker was big enough to hold items a family would typically want to leave here but not too big so that it would become too heavy to carry or be too unwieldy.

How much does my Locker weigh?
Empty, the Locker, with its lid, dividers and small item container weighs approximately 8 pounds (it’s made of VERY sturdy materials!).

Is my Locker airtight?
Not technically, but it’s pretty darned close. The important thing to remember is that smells and moisture really can’t get out very well. So a wet bathing suit can have serious ramifications. Not only will it not dry out in your Locker, it will become moldy and smelly. And worse, anything else in your Locker will also be affected. One time, I left some clean clothes in a Locker along with a citronella candle that I didn’t want to throw away. Not a good idea. When I came back a few months later, the citronella smell had permeated ALL of my clothes.

Is my Locker waterproof?
Not technically, but it’s pretty darned close. We wanted to make sure that if your Locker was sitting outside at a resort and there was a sudden downpour, the water wouldn’t seep into your Locker. If you took it to the bottom of a pool, however, the water would slowly seep in!

Why are there dividers?
From experience, we have found that they help people in organizing the items in their Locker. Most importantly, they keep tall items such as bottles of wine or shampoo from falling over. They can also define a space for a bulky item. For example, you can create a space with the dividers for a water filter. When you take it out of your Locker, other items won’t shift into the space. And when it comes time to replace it, the space will be there. The dividers can be reconfigured in any way you like or they can be removed altogether.

Why is there a small item tray?
It’s really annoying to have to look for things like batteries, tweezers, etc. One time while we were testing out the concept, I had to turn my Locker upside down to try to fine a sewing kit that I KNEW was in there somewhere. The tray is also a good place to store things that you don’t need huge quantities of like safety pins and q-tips. Some people just think the tray takes up room and they remove it altogether. We’ve had several reports that they make great jewelry cases and tackle boxes.

Can I name my Locker?
Absolutely, and we hope you do. The Dashboard will allow you to specify a name for your Locker...just click on "manage Locker."

Can I decorate my Locker?
Absolutely. It’s YOUR Locker. Do pretty much anything you want with it. We would ask that you keep the area where we put arrival cards and your barcode clutter free for obvious reasons, however!

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