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Credit Card Charges
When am I charged for my OWNER'S LOCKER Membership Fee, Annual Plan, and Visit fee?
We want people to sign up for OWNER's LOCKER as early as possible and schedule Visits as early as possible. One of the ways we try to accommodate our Members is to delay charges whenever we can.

The Membership Fee is payable one month prior to your initial Visit, unless waived. If you sign up and your initial Visit is less that 30 days away (or if you’re already at the resort) your credit card will be charged immediately.

The fee for your Plan is payable on the day your Locker comes into our warehouse after your initial Visit. This date will become your Anniversary Date. If you select Annual Billing, your card will automatically be charged for your Annual plan every year on this date. If you choose Monthly Billing, your card will be charged the same day every month.

Additional Visit fees are charged when you book your visit.

How do I pay for OWNER'S LOCKER?
When you sign up for OWNER'S LOCKER, you provide us with your credit/debit card details and all of the charges you incur will be charged automatically to card we have on file.
As a web-based business and to keep our administrative costs down, credit and debit cards are really the only way we can accept payment.
We hope you understand and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What if I cancel my trip and forget to cancel my Visit with OWNER'S LOCKER?
If you cancel you trip and don’t tell us at all, it will count as your yearly free Visit...or you will be charged the full Visit fee if it is a paid extra Visit. If we have retrieved your Locker from storage, delivered it to your resort and then picked it back up and returned it to our warehouse, in essence we’ve done everything we would have done if you had showed up.

But if you cancel or modify a Visit before your Locker has been delivered there will be no penalty at all. To be safe, it would be wise to cancel a Visit 24 hours prior to its scheduled delivery to make certain that you avoid being charged for the Visit.

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