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Membership Fees and Annual Plans
How much does it cost to be a member of OWNER'S LOCKER?
There are two pieces to this puzzle. There is a one-time Membership Fee which includes your Locker, the initial delivery of your Locker to your resort and the initial pickup of your Locker when you check out. The cost of the Membership Fee is $75.00.
Then there is the $105/year (or $10.50/month) Moderate Plan which includes storage in our climate controlled warehouse and one free round trip Visit per year (additional Visits are $27.50each) and the $190/year (or $19.00 per month) Deluxe Plan which includes storage in our climate controlled warehouse and unlimited round trip Visits.

What is included in the OWNER'S LOCKER Membership Fee?
The Membership Fee is a one-time expense and it includes your Owner’s Locker as well as its delivery to you for your initial visit and the pickup of your Locker at the end of your initial visit. It's important to remember that you are PURCHASING your Locker and it is yours to keep.

What are the OWNER'S LOCKER Annual Plans and what is the difference between them?
We offer two plans that provide for the storage of your Locker and its delivery and pickup for Visits you schedule. The Standard Annual Plan costs $105.00 per year or $10.50 per month and covers storage of your Locker in our climate controlled warehouse and includes one round trip Visit per year. Additional round trip Visits will be billed at $27.50 each. The Premium Annual Plan costs $190.00 per year or $19.00 per month and includes unlimited round trip Visits.

Can I change between the Value, Moderate and Deluxe
Of course. Perhaps in one year you think you’ll visit enough times to justify the Deluxe plan but the next year the Moderate or Value Plan makes sense. It’s fine to switch back and forth. Just give us plenty of notice before your Anniversary Date so we can make the adjustment to the automatic charge to your credit card.

If I don’t use my free delivery one year can I bank it tothe next year?
No. Sorry.

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