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Pick Up of Your Locker/ Your Departure
Where do I drop off my Locker at the resort when I am ready to leave?
Bell services is the most likely place but it can vary from resort to resort. Most likely, the resort will recognize an Owner’s Locker and will know where it should be held until we pick it up. When in doubt, ask the front desk.

Why can’t I just leave the Locker in my room when I check out?
Please don’t do this! The resorts do not like this scenario and they may not know what to do with your Locker. At minimum it will delay us picking your Locker up and getting it back safely into storage at our warehouse. If you don’t want to carry your Locker to bell services, please call them and ask to have it picked up.

Can you pick up my Locker before I leave?
Sure. Just note your request in the comments area when you schedule your Visit. If you’re already at the resort and can’t get on line, call us (800 431-6588).

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