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Delivery of Your Locker/ Your Arrival
When will you deliver my Locker?
Well, the short answer is before you arrive. We generally deliver Lockers to the resorts very early in the morning on the day you arrive. We work closely with the resorts and some prefer that we deliver Lockers the night before. Don’t forget that we have a cell phone alert service where you can receive a text automatically when your Locker is delivered to your resort.

Where do I pick my Locker up at the resort?
It varies from resort to resort, but bell services is the most likely place where you’ll find the Locker we’ve dropped off for you. We leave detailed information with the front desk each time we drop of a Locker explaining where the Locker has been left and instructing that a notation be made on your reservation notifying you that your Locker has been delivered and where it is being held for you.

How will I know it’s MY Locker?
Well, they DO look alike unless you want to decorate yours. We use barcodes to tell us which Locker is which but each Locker has a nameplate on it with your name so you’ll know instantly that it’s yours. There is also a plastic sleeve on the front of the Locker. We slide an arrival card in here for each Visit with your arrival date and the exact name that the reservation is in. This is what the resort staff use to identify your Locker.

What if I get to the resort and they cannot find my Locker?
The first step should be to have the front desk check the reservation for the notation we left. And if that doesn’t work, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if there is anyone else with the same last name staying at the resort as they could have noted the wrong reservation. Or, you can bypass the front desk and ask bell services if they have the Locker. If none of this works, or if it’s been one of those days and this is the last thing you need to deal with, just call us (800 431 6588) and we’ll sort it out one way or another.

Can you deliver my Locker after I have arrived?
No problem. You have until lunch time to schedule a delivery for the same day. If it's after noon, we'll deliver your Locker the following morning. If you can’t get online, call us (800-431-6588).

Can I pick up my Locker at your warehouse?
Yes! The Team Purple Warehouse (on the drop down list) is conveniently located between the airport and WDW at 7331 Presidents Drive, Orlando, 32809. We're open daily from 7AM-7PM.

What resorts will you deliver Lockers to?
A lot. In fact there are almost 200 approved resorts listed on our site. As a general rule, we will deliver to any hotel/resort within about a 10 mile radius of the attractions. If you don’t see one listed, contact us, we’ll have a look at the location and get back to you.

Can you deliver my Locker to a non-approved resort?
Not for the standard Visit fee. When you schedule your Visit, make a note in the comment section and we can discuss how to handle your request.

Can you deliver my Locker to a private home or apartment?
Not for the standard Visit fee. When you schedule your Visit, make a note in the comment section and we can discuss how to handle your request.

Will you ship my Locker to a resort outside of Orlando?
We’d really prefer not to. Here’s why. We know how careful we will be handling your Locker. But we can’t guarantee what will happen when shippers are dealing with it. If you really want us to ship it to you, we will and will notify you of the shipping charge.

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