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Scheduling Your Visits
What is a Visit?
This is our term for the delivery of your Locker to your resort before you arrive AND the pickup of you Locker after you check out.

How do I schedule a visit?
The Owner’s Locker dashboard is the best place to schedule a Visit. Easy to use drop down boxes make this process a breeze. More importantly, it will be available for you to review and edit on your dashboard. If you can’t get online, you can always call us (800-431-6588) or fax us (321-939-1599) and we’ll enter you Visit details. Remember, we need you arrival date; arrival resort; departure date; departure resort; and the name the reservation is in.

How early can I schedule a visit?
As early as you’d like. And we really want you to tell us as early as possible because it helps us plan.

How late can I schedule a visit?
We always have a lot of moving parts. You have until lunchtime to schedule a delivery for the same day. If it's after noon; we'll deliver your Locker the following morning. If you can’t get online, call us (800-431-6588).

Is there a limit to the number of visits that I can schedule?
Not at all. Our databases can handle as many Visits as you want to throw at them!

How late can I change or cancel a visit?
You can cancel a Visit any time up 24 hours before check-in time on your arrival date. If you cancel after then but before we deliver your Locker to the resort, you will be charged ½ of a Visit fee. If you cancel after we have delivered the Locker or if you just don’t show up without notifying us, you will be charged the full Visit fee. You can change or modify your Visit at any time. We would prefer to know of any changes as it makes our life difficult if you’re coming a day earlier than planned or leaving a day later. But we know that plans change and we don’t want to make life any more difficult.

Do I have to have each Locker delivered when I visit?
No. When you schedule a Visit, you’ll be able to specify which of your Lockers you’d like to have delivered.

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