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Owner's Locker is about convenience and making your vacation club, timeshare or resort feel more like your second home.

It’s designed to be easy to use, flexible to your needs and safe for your belongings.

Owner's Locker is designed around your needs and includes the following features:

As an Owner's Locker Member, you'll have access to your account 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through your online dashboard. Through the dashboard, you can manage your account info, schedule all of your visits, create an online inventory of the stuff in your Locker and track every movement of your Locker from our warehouse to your resort...and back.

Take a look! Click here for a screenshot of the dashboard.(Will open in a pop-up.)

Your Locker is always safe and sound in our climate-controlled storage facility. And whether on property or waiting for you in storage, we always know your Locker's location through our state-of-the art warehouse management system.

Storage is only half of the equation. The other half is the timely pick-up and delivery service to your hotel or resort. We follow your schedule so when you book a visit your Locker will be there waiting for you. When you leave, we'll pick it up. We’ll confirm all of this with e-mails and we can even send a text to your cell phone letting you know the instant your Locker has been delivered.

Click here for a list of Resorts and Hotels. (All Disney Resorts are listed under "D")

Owner's Locker is flexible. As your needs change, we change with you. The service allows you to have as many or as few Lockers as you need and keep track all of them. Soon, we’ll be introducing special Lockers for holiday stuff as well as golf and tennis gear and we’ll also help you store items that won’t fit in our Lockers through our Out of the Box feature.

People who own a vacation home feel at home the instant they walk through the door because they are surrounded by personal items. Now you can experience that same second home feeling at your resort. With Owner’s Locker we’ll keep the special things that make YOU feel at home and will have them waiting there for you when you arrive.  

Wonder what types of things people store in an Owner's Locker?  Click here to see a list of what our Members say they keep in their purple Locker.

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