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Old 07-10-09, 12:01 PM
John@Owner's Locker John@Owner's Locker is offline
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Sometimes We Deliver More Than Fun Stuff
At Owner's Locker we're not exactly short on positive job reinforcement. Come on, we deliver fun. People love seeing us because we have their vacation stuff. But yesterday was a bit special and our job was even more satisfying than usual.

These three Lockers were delivered to Disney's Saratoga Springs resort for one family. We store that large box as well and I'd like to share a story about it.

The owners of these Lockers live in Scotland and visit Walt Disney World a couple of times a year. One of their sons is partially paralyzed as the result of a soccer injury and his time here has always been difficult. Two of the purple Lockers have medical equipment which had made their travels much easier for the last couple of years.

The parents recently contacted us about storing a special chair for their son and they had one custom made and shipped to us. That's what's in that box and we delivered it for the first time yesterday to their resort. They never thought it would be possible to have something like this for their trips to Orlando.

We're honored to store an item like this and I've got to tell you that dropping that off knowing that it would make life more comfortable for that young man really made us feel good.

The gang at bell services at Saratoga Springs were excited as well. That's Steve, Janet and Carlos.

Of course it's satisfying to know that we make our Members' vacations more fun. But knowing that we've helped someone be able to be comfortable and enjoy their time at Walt Disney World--that's REALLY nice


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Old 07-10-09, 12:31 PM
KNWVIKING 2.0 KNWVIKING 2.0 is offline
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Really cool story John.

Can't you find a purple box somewhere ?
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Old 07-10-09, 09:09 PM
MareDVC MareDVC is offline
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Awesome story. Love it. I'm going to cry.

And God bless that family. And Owner's Locker! How else would they have done this??
MaryAnn a.k.a. "Mare"

"Fantasy and reality often overlap." ~Walt Disney~
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Old 07-11-09, 09:25 PM
MinnieLor MinnieLor is offline
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What an wonderful story! You guys are awesome.
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Old 09-13-09, 10:46 AM
JenniBuginPink JenniBuginPink is offline
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You guys seem so cool, and I'm so looking forward to having you be part of my vacations.
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Old 09-13-09, 09:13 PM
CptNemo CptNemo is offline
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On those days I wonder what next you guys will come up with you kinda let the curtain slip a bit and let us all see what yo really do to make your company special.

Fine job gents and yet another reason you get my business and suggested to all my friends.
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Old 09-17-09, 06:10 PM
Deb Deb is offline
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I got chills reading that...what an awesome, fabulous, wonderful story!
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Old 09-22-09, 03:11 PM
kdzgon kdzgon is offline
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Originally Posted by KNWVIKING 2.0 View Post
Really cool story John.

Can't you find a purple box somewhere ?
At least invest in a can of spray paint or poster paint!

(cool story, btw)
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Old 09-25-09, 02:09 PM
Mel_Aaron Mel_Aaron is offline
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Wow - what an awesome job you guys really do....only a company like yours that actually cares about it's customers would do this - keep up the excellent work!!
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