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Old 03-23-07, 08:49 AM
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Thoughts on the locker and service
I returned from an extended trip to Disney on February 11, 2007.

We arrived at Old Key West on February 1, 2007. My sister and I both had locker's waiting for us.

There was a small amount of confusion from bell services in regards to trying to explain what the locker looked like so that we could pick it up. I'm assuming it is/was because the service is so new.Our bell hop had not seen oneup until that time and we did not have a luggage ticket toturn in. We actually had to enter the luggage storage facility with her so that we could take a look which we quickly spotted.

Of course, the bell service person wanted to know all about it so my sister and I explained what it was, how it worked and to be on the lookout because more were sure to follow.

I, personally, liked the size of the locker. The separator made packing items easy. Now, I know my shampoo, lotion and sunblock are not going to get knocked over and leak all over my paperproducts. I did manage to pack my locker pretty full. I did have a bit of difficulty getting my lid to stay on. Perhaps, if there was a "lip" to hold the lid in place. It was actually the seals that I put on that gave me the secure feeling thatmy lid wouldn't fall off.

The small compartmentwas perfect for nailclippers, thread and needles, neosporin and bandaids, bobby pins, safety pins and even a small pair of scissors. Things that might get lost at the bottom of the locker.

Now, I'll add this little piece abouthow we used ittoo We stayed in a DVC studio this time to save some of our points. Studios do not have a washer and dryer. On the last day of our trip my wonderful husband surprised me with an extended stay of 4 additional days. This meant clothes NEEDED to be washed however we did not have a laundry basket. That's when my husband had the great idea that our locker was the perfect size to transport the clothes from our studio to the laundry facilities. So, our locker doubled as a laundry basket for part of our trip. Now, I'm obviously not going to empty my locker every trip just so I have a laundry basket but it did give me another idea of what to add to my locker next trip. I'm going to pick up one of those mesh baskets that can fold down to barely nothing and store that in my locker for just such occasions.

Lastly, I CAN NOTsay enough good about the service!! The customer service was stellar!! As I mentioned, my wonderful husband surprised me with an extended stay. One call is all it took to set up the extension with Owner's Locker. I can't remember if I talked to John or Brian (I'm thinking Brian ) but they were so very accommodating. They did not sound put out by the inconvenience of changing our pickup date but insteadwere excited for us! It was a pleasure to actually get to speak with the owners. Then, to add another twist to our stay, we actually changed resorts and moved over to Saratoga Springs for 2 nights. That was not a problem either. I put in another call to let them know where the locker was going to be for pick up. Again, they did not sound inconvenienced or put out they simply stated that it was not a problem and wished us more fun!

When dropping my locker off at Saratoga Springs there seemed to be just a tiny bit of confusion on that end too with the bell services. I explained a few times that I would not be picking it up but that it was going to be picked up by Owner's Locker which I showed was printed on the side of the box.

Things must have worked out o.k because when I got home there was an email waiting for me telling me that my locker had made it back to the warehouse safe and sound. I was a little relieved only because I wasn't sure if Saratoga Springs knew what they were doing. LOL.

All in all, my experience
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Old 03-26-07, 08:46 AM
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RE: Thoughts on the locker and service
Hmmm. We checked into OKW back on January 20, and they couldn't find out locker and knew nothing about it. Luckily a call to Brian fixed the problem within 15 minutes.

John and/or Brian, are you continuing to have problems with OKW, or are they more in tune with Owner's Locker now?

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Old 03-26-07, 09:12 AM
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RE: Thoughts on the locker and service
Hi Rita,

Old Key West, and the other DVC resorts are workingvery smoothly now. The test has really been helpful (and we appreciate our Trial Members' patience) because until you actually do it, you don't have a good feel for what the issues are going to be. We've learned that all of the resorts have unique little quirks and we've methodically gone about finding out what they are. Brian is soooo good at this. And it helps that there are more and more Lockers going out every day....and they have our logo on them now.

It's also great that our Beta Trial Members are not limiting themselves to DVC resorts. When we go to places like Marriott's Grande Vista or Vistana Villages, it sometimes takes a little more time for us but we now know the questions to ask and have really not had any problems. Without getting too boring, we now know that there are usually several steps at each resort. The Locker needs to go to bell services and we need to deal with any administrative procedures they have and then we also need to make sure that the front desk/operations staff know to make a notation on the reservation and we even give them a sheet with the text of the reservation notation we want them to make.

Thanks for asking!!


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Old 03-28-07, 08:42 AM
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RE: Thoughts on the locker and service
We used our locker for the first time at Beach Club Villas March 11-15. I was just delighted when the CM at check in told me our locker was waiting for us at Bell Services (this was at 11:30 am) But...when we finally got into our villa around 4pm, the CM in Bell Services told me over the phone that there was nothing there for us (we were expecting luggage from another resort, grocery delivery *plus* the Owner's Locker). I specifically asked about the locker, but was told it was not there. :blink:

We had dinner reservations and were starting to run late at that point so had no time to figure it out then. When we returned after dinner, I called again...Bell Services had our things (in fact they asked me if I had called them to let them know we were in the villa :crazy:, but they still took a long time to find the locker - we gave the CM from Bell Services a physical description but it took him at least two additional trips down to the storage area before he found it brought it to the villa. This is not an issue with Owner's Locker, since I believe the locker was there the whole time, Bell Services just could not find it for some (dumb, stupid, idiotic - take your pick) reason.

On the whole Bell Services at BCV did a *very* poor job handling all of our stuff on this trip, not just the locker :angry:

We were delighted with our locker, the service - especially the emails to tell us that the locker would be at the resort waiting for us when we arrived, and the email to tell us the locker was picked up (before we actually left via Magical Express that day).

I'm absolutely sure that once Bell Services at the various resorts get a little experience handling the lockers it will go more smoothly.
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Old 04-30-07, 11:39 PM
Disneyfreak Disneyfreak is offline
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RE: Thoughts on the locker and service
We used our owner's locker for the first time two weeks ago, we stayed at the BWV's from a Sun to a Thur. I actually forgot to pick it up the first day but remembered the second day. Is there any way when checking in that the front desk could notify us that it is there?

I liked how spacious the locker is & also liked the dividers.

Also, the email confirmation that it has been picked up & is back in storage puts me at ease.

I am looking forward tousing my owner's locker the first full week of June at an off property resort. (Hilton Grand Vacation Club on International Drive)

Thanks again for great service!

Joe C.
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Old 05-01-07, 10:15 AM
John@Owner's Locker John@Owner's Locker is offline
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RE: Thoughts on the locker and service
Hey Joe, thanks for your comments. Brian will go nuts that the front desk didn't notify you that your Locker was waiting!!

He's designed a system where the front desk "operations" is given the exact text of the notation to be made on your reservation. We obviously need to keep trying to make this aspect of the service foolproof. Thanks for letting us know.


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