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DisneyGirl 02-11-10 05:16 PM

Hello there!
Hi, my name is Jessica and I have been an Owner's Locker member for about a year now. I have to admit that at first I was skeptical about how much I would need or use it but it REALLY has been a blessing is disguise. Most trips we do to WDW now are carry-on only & all of our essentials are in our "locker."

I am married & have 3 dogs, were DVC members (SSR & BLT), I am a teacher & in grad school right now, and I've been Disney obsessed since I was little. I also run my own Disney site that I would LOVE for everyone to check out, it's a real labor of love for fellow Disney fans. www.MonocleOnTheMouse.com.

We even run the Owner's Locker tweets live on our front page 'cause were such big fans! :)

Have a magical day everyone!

DisneyGirl 02-11-10 05:18 PM

I should also mention that our next trip is February 20th -23rd at the Wilderness Lodge Villas! YAY! ;)

athenna 02-13-10 10:08 AM

Welcome!:D I'm a new OL member, and have had just 1 trip with it, but with 2 more coming up, I think it's a great thing to have!
I'm DVC member, too, SSR & AKLV...We hope we can get to the point of just having to use a carry on, that would be great!

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