View Full Version : Thanks for having Wine Evenings, John!

12-21-11, 09:48 PM
I just wanted to thank John for having wine evenings. Though I haven't made it to a wine evening on my last couple of trips due to scheduling conflicts or trips that didn't include a Tuesday stay, I have stayed in touch with a couple I met at a wine evening a few years ago, Cheryl and Keith from Oklahoma. They have been at Disney World the same time with me on all but one of my trips since we met, and we always meet for dinner or a hello.

So thanks, John and Owners Locker for not just providing us with a great service, but also for having a venue where we can meet other Owners Locker Owners and meet new friends :)

John@Owner's Locker
12-25-11, 07:09 PM
Thanks, Karen!

Owner's Locker EPCOT Wine Evenings have become a place to make new acquaintances and meet up with old friends.

I originally began them as a way of marketing Owner's Locker but I have to admit that they have never been an effective marketing tool. I don't think we've ever gained a new Member because the were exposed to OL at a wine evening. I thought about scrapping the idea but kept the evenings going as a way to get feedback and test out ideas (I'm fond of saying that out of 1000 ideas I have, 998 (at least!) are crap.

What I see more and more is what you describe and it reminds me of the very old days when Disney Vacation Club (now Old Key West) was the only DVC resort. Because of my kids' school schedule, I was always there at the same times every year...and I REALLY enjoyed seeing other folks on the same travel schedule I was. That's gone now that there are so many DVC resorts. But that seems to be how our EPCOT Wine Evenings are evolving.

Owner's Locker Members are predisposed to like one another because you all have a lot of things in common. So it makes sense that there would be a natural camaraderie among the Members who come to France on Tuesday nights. As you know, I head out right at 9:00 and it was just recently that I became aware that folks hung around not only for Illuminations but often for quite some time after the fireworks and crowds have gone.

As we continue to grow, it we be interesting to see how they evolve...thanks again for your thoughtful post!