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April 23, 2009

Owner's Locker--The Purple Appendage??

One of our Members told us about a super blog post and we had to share it with you::

Owner's Locker -- A New Appendage for Disney World Disneyholics

The evolution of a Disneyholic is an accelerated business. Whereas new body parts may take thousands of years to develop normally in an animal who needs it, many Disney World Disneyholics have developed an indispensable body part known as the Owner's Locker in the last several years. Keep in mind, Disney World only opened in 1971. We have it from reliable sources that several Disneyholics have 7 of these new appendages, and I know of at least one with 10 of them. I have 1, but I feel a second one coming on soon.
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April 22, 2009

Thank you Deb Wills and AllEars

Every Tuesday evening around 7:00 I (along with more than 100,000 other folks) receive Deb Wills' AllEars Weekly Newsletter.  Last night was no exception but this one happened to be issue number 500...which is by my count a whole lotta weeks. 

At Owner's Locker, we'd just like to pause, pass on our congratulations and say thanks to Deb for having such a fantastic site and, well, for just being Deb.  I don't know who first said "content is king" but nobody does it better than Deb.  Her site consistently provides, extensive, unbiased information about everything anyone would want to know about Walt Disney World.  Deb and the AllEars team have the place covered in a spectacular fashion. Unbiased data organized in a very useful way. Not only is it useful, it sets the standard for everyone else.

We consider ourselves extremly lucky to be an advertiser on AllEars.  In an earlier post, I described some of the hoops Deb puts potential advertisers through.  It just goes to show you the imennse pride and passion Deb has for her site. And I briefly described in this post what a fantastic person Deb is to work with  She is the best of the best and is an example for us all.

Thanks, Deb



April 15, 2009

Owner's Locker and Facebook

Like the rest of the planet, it seems, Owner's Locker is using Facebook.  Here's a link to the Owner's Locker Facebook page, but you have to be a "friend" to see it.  More on that in a minute.

We're always looking at ways to help spread the word about Owner's Locker and we've found that Facebook is a very powerful tool.  In many ways, the core concept of Facebook can be summed up in the phrase, "hey, look at this."  You can tell your friends what you're doing as well as share pictures, videos and stories.

At Owner's Locker, we use Facebook by posting a status update once or twice a day, posting pictures of resort employees we work with, covering our Owner's Locker EPCOT Wine Evenings and sharing candid photos of things we see driving around in the album Everyday Adventures of the Purple Van.  Every time we do any of these things, our "friends" get a notice on their Facebook page that we've done it.  So much better than sending our annoying e-mails saying, 'hey, look at this!"

Most companies have opted for a fan or company page on Facebook but we have opted to have a "personal page."  In other words, Owner's Locker acts like a person on Facebook rather than a company.

We do this for three reasons:

-with a personal page, we can put out "status updates" and everyone who is a "friend" can see them on their facebook page.

-with a personal page, we can "tag" photos.  We always post photos of our members who attend Owner's Locker EPCOT Wine Evenings on our facebook page.  If they have agreed to become a "friend" of Owner's Locker, we can attach a label to the photograph which can be seen when a cursor passes over it.  Not only does this identify the person, they get a notification on their facebook page that they have been "tagged" in a photo AND all of their "friends" also get that notice on their Facebook pages.  Not a bad way for their friends to see that they have been at an Owner's Locker function!

-with a personal page, we can issue "friend requests."  If a person agrees to be your friend (either you ask and they agree; or they ask and you agree) they they will see your status updates, photo, video or news updates, etc. on their Facebook page.  So at Owner's Locker, we can build our Facebook following by requesting that people we know (like our Members) become a "friend" of Owner's Locker.

So why not head over to the Owner's Locker Facebook page and see what's going on?


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