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December 24, 2007

Where's MY Locker?

I'm in England for Christmas with my in-laws and I can't help thinking about how much easier this trip would be if I only had a Locker here with my stuff in it. You'd think that if anyone could figure out how to have a Locker, I could. But I here I sit near the Scottish border without a lot of the things I need.

I had to go out this morning to buy an adaptor so I could charge this laptop. The battery had run down and the plugs in England are...well...different. And that's just the latest thing. Even though I spent most of my private live as a corporate road warrior, packing is no longer automatic. I don't travel as much these days and I had frankly forgotten what a hassle it is to pack. My shaving kit filled up much too quickly because I don't have all of those little sample-size toiletries. I had two or three packing lists and then I panicked because I thought I'd lost one of my lists. When I got here, I wanted to write but forgot to put paper in my briefcase. I washed my hair with some strange shampoo today because that was all I could find.

I need to head back out on Christmas Eve and look for a phone charger--that should be fun. I wish I'd thought of that earlier. Susan and I were out shopping and we fell in love a couple of really nice wine glasses that we'd like to keep at her parent's house. They'll get broken if we try to take them back to Celebration...and they may well get broken if they stay here in England. But not if we had a Locker.

Oh well, I guess it's a good thing that I have a reminder of what a hassle it is to pack and how stressful it can be to have to deal with all of the things you don't realize you need until you're away from home and have to go on a quest.

Maybe we'll open a branch of Owner's Locker here in the Lake District.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!


December 18, 2007

Why Not Decorate Your Locker?

When I was coming up for a name for Owner's Locker, one of the reasons the word "locker" was chosen was because of the personal connotation it had. Sure, it sort of screamed "secure" but I also thought it would remind people of what a personal place their high school locker was. Whether it was 18 inches deep with paper and books and other things that shouldn't have been in there, like mine was, or all neat and decorated the way some of the girls' lockers were.

So it's been fun to see more and more Lockers coming back to our warehouse sporting some additional customization!?! Have a look at the great job one of our Beta Trial Members did with her Locker:

Laura Johnson blog.JPG

The poem reads:

"The first day we met I was as confused as can be...
what should I put in here to store for free?

I thought I wouldn't fill it
but I was so wrong
filled to the brim
including my thongs

I was one of the first trial members back in April' 06
Honored to be one of the elite Beta mix!

My locker is blue
as I am one of the special few
who was there at your birth of something exciting and new

Vacations are easy now
thanks to my sweet baby blue..."

Nice huh?


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