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What's in a Name?

Well as Juliet will tell you, a LOT, since it was Romeo’s last name that got them both into trouble.

But without carrying this Shakespeare thing too far and going on about roses smelling as sweet, what’s in the name Owner’s Locker? A lot of time, effort and thought, actually.

You come up with this great idea to store people’s personal stuff between visits. Now what do you call it?

Well, as is probably overly detailed in another article in this blog, the idea for Owner’s Locker came from several of my experiences with trying to feel at home when I was away from home. When I was based in England, we were lucky enough to have a small place in the country to go to on weekends and we would put the things we liked to have there in a “country box” and we carried it back and forth. When we began visiting Florida regularly, we asked a pal if he would mind keeping a box of our personal items in his garage in Orlando. We called it the “Florida box” and the seeds for a business were sown!

So we plan and study and study and plan and decide to start up this business so lots of other people can have a Florida box. But, what do we call it? Well, if “Florida box” is good enough for us…..

But what if the business is just in Orlando (the “Orlando Box?”) or what if it expands beyond Florida—to Las Vegas or the ski country, for example? OK, maybe we call it the “Vacation box.”

Or perhaps we should get cute. After all, vacations are all about fun. How about “My Box?” or “My Stuff?” Believe it or not, these were all ideas that were kicked around.

Then an old marketing principle came back to me. If everyone understands what your business is, you can call it pretty much what you want. Exxon isn’t exactly descriptive, now is it? But if you’re the in a new business, your name had better accurately describe what you do. Well, there went “My Stuff.”

Owner’s Locker stores people’s personal items in a container between visits and we deliver the container to the resort when they check in and pick it up when they leave. Hmmmm, that’s a bit long for the name of the company. On the other hand, it was obvious that one word wasn’t going to do it. There just wasn’t a “Xerox” sitting out there that told our story. Maybe one word should describe the client and a second word can describe the service?

“Box” just didn’t seem to suit what we wanted to convey about our container. When I hear “box” I think “cardboard.” After a lot of thought, “locker” certainly fit the bill. Locker has lots of connotations, but it certainly implies “secure” and was a name for a container that people would recognize. It also might remind people of their high school locker which is a very “personal” and even “fun” type of storage facility. Remember personalizing the inside of your locker? The only thing I didn’t like about the word was Davy Jones’ Locker but I decided that was random. Locker it was.

“Owner” actually came more easily. People who own a condo and rent it out have an “owner’s closet” where they keep their personal items. And much of what we do really helps make frequent visitors feel more like they’re are at home by having their personal belongings around them. So we had our second word and the decision to call the company Owner’s Locker was done.

But what about the delivery part of the business? The name doesn’t say anything about that. Well that got dealt with the motion in the logo, but that’s another story.


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