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December 27, 2006

What Is Owner's Locker???

…well, it’s a new company…..

...and, it’s a great new service that allows you to store your vacation stuff in Orlando between visits……

...and, it’s a special container that you load with your vacation gear!

Here’s what an Owner’s Locker looks like:
Standard Locker_open.JPG
It’s about 22 inches long, 20 inches wide and 13 inches high. There’s space to store lots of personal items…you know….the things you like to have on vacation. Until now, you’ve had to do without, haul the items back and forth or even buy them every trip and then just throw them away.

Inside, it has dividers to keep things like bottles from falling over. And a neat transparent box with lots of compartments for little things.

You pack it up and seal it. We pick it up and store it until you come back. And then we have it waiting for you at the front desk of your resort for your next visit.

Pretty neat, huh?


December 26, 2006

What Can You Store In An Owner's Locker?

Pets and small children NO

Your mother-in-law NO

Just about anything else YES

How you use your Locker is really up to you. It’s our job to provide you with a convenient way to have the things you want while you’re on vacation. It’s your job to decide what those things are.

Here are all of the things we were able to fit in our Owner’s Locker:

Standard Locker_noBox-blog.JPG
And, In case you’re wondering, here’s our little list:

1 swim mask
1 snorkel
1 kelp herbal supplement
1 Garnier kids conditioner
2 Lancome shower gel
1 Birnbaum Disney guide
1 bottle Listerine
5 pool dive sticks
1 Banana Boat SPF8
1 Suave hairspray
1 Renu contact lens solution
1 Pantene Pro V shampoo
1 Pantene Pro V conditioner
3 swim goggles
1 disposable camera
1 stapler
1 package Kleenex
1 box bandaids
1 box 64 Crayola crayons
1 Cuisinart Mini-Prep
1 portfolio with park passes
1 Secret clear gel deodorant
1 pool ball toy
1 Sure clear dry deodorant
1 Old Spice Red Zone deodorant
1 box Carefree maxipads
1 Old Spice High Endurance deodorant
1 box Tampax regular
1 Nair with Aloe
1 St. Ives moisturizer
1 bottle Jack Daniels
1 Banana Boat SPF 4
1 Day trips From Orlando guidebook
1 flashlight
1 hair straightener
1 Cutter insect repellant
1 Dry Idea deodorant
1 Listerine pre-brush rinse
1 Suave kids shampoo
1 Edge shaving gel
2 chip bag clips
1 chapstick
4 AA batteries
4 AAA batteries
20 hair ties
50 Q-tips
1 box Advil
1 hair brush
1 toothbrush-dad
1 toothbrush-mom
1 toothbrush-Katie
1 box Rolaids
2 razors
1 box Benedril
1 bottle kids’ One-A-Day vitamins
1 pair tweezers
1 tube Crest Clear Min Gel toothpaste
1 pair scissors
1 set measuring spoons
1 Orlando map
1 box of tea candles



December 25, 2006

How Does Owner's Locker Work?


We're tempted to say it's magic or perhaps little elves.

Actually, it's a unique combination of technical wizardry including barcodes, an electronic warehouse management system and an easy to use website, all of which are connected to our secure database and web servers.

Think of all of the sophisticated gear the delivery person has when they bring you a package, scan the barcode on the parcel, and note the delivery on their hand held device. Now take it up a notch or two and that gives you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes at Owner's Locker.

With our warehouse management and tracking system, we know where each and every Locker is at any moment in time and we have a trail of each movement the Locker makes (which you can access with the Track My Locker function). Which means we also have a foolproof system to let us know whose Locker is whose.

Our technology also allows us to assemble all of the visit requests we get from you and other Members so that we can have everyone's Locker where they want it waiting for them when they arrive. The system keeps track of any changes to your itinerary you notify us of, constantly updating our delivery and pickup orders. Coming a day early, not a problem. Staying a few extra days, easy.

We know that it's your vacation we're dealing with and that there just isn't room for mistakes. We're very proud of our behind the scenes capability and even have a patent pending on the process!

When your arrival date nears, you receive an e-mail notifying you that your Locker is on its way, we pull your Locker from the warehouse, load it on one of our spotless delivery vans, each of which has a friendly driver, and take it to your resort so it is there waiting for you when you arrive. And when you go back home, the process works in reverse as we pick your Locker up when you leave, take it back to the warehouse where it is placed in storage until your next visit. You even get an e-mail confirming that your Locker made it home safely. Forgive us for bragging but our system even measures your Locker's "velocity" as it returns to the warehouse. If you return to your resort often, our computers suggest we store your Locker at the front of the warehouse. Now how cool is that?


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